Xbox One | Dynasty Warriors 9

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Dynasty Warriors 9

In Dynasty Warriors 9, players will explore China as it existed when feudal warlords vied for dominance over the land - the waning days of the Han dynasty and emergence of the Three Kingdoms era. Unifying the classic, time-tested 'one versus thousands' action iconic to the Warriors series with a variety of new features, characters and content in an expansive open world environment, Dynasty Warriors 9 aims to deliver the most immersive and ambitious Dynasty Warriors experience to date. Features: An expansive open world environment: The sweeping new narrative of Dynasty Warriors 9 is portrayed across an expansive map of China. Setting out to complete various objectives, players will utilise an unprecedented world map to navigate and traverse a variety of different landscapes ranging from vast plains to snow-covered peaks presented with dynamic day/night and weather cycles. Gain the upper-hand in battle, adapt to your surroundings: Exploring the impressive environments is enhanced through the ability to adapt to surroundings to gain an upper-hand in battle; throw enemies into the wall or use the environment to hide from your foes - the option is yours. Play as all-new and returning characters: 83 characters from the Dynasty Warriors series make their return with newly designed costumes. A selection of new faces join the fray in Dynasty Warriors 9 such as the long-term retainer Cheng Pu.